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Thread: Foreign escort rant in ad

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    Foreign escort rant in ad

    I was browsing through LL massage section and came across this crazy ass ad. I only skimmed a few sentences because it was hurting my brain too much. Its basically a non nonsensical rant about how this provider is tired of her job. Real or fake? lol

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    I get that she is complaining because so many dirty ugly girls offer no condom, and guys now expect that from here. she is a trained masseuse and teaches other girls,but businessis non existant because she plays safe.

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    Amazing! Anyone going to book an appointment and report back?

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    This chick is actually well-reviewed... I'm trying to find a link to some reviews, but it looks like she's removed all the old LL ads with her name and contact info.

    *EDIT* No luck.

    All of her ads had lengthy rants similar to that, and prices up to $600/hr. Looks like she finally lost it.

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    Wow after trying to read her mile long ad on steroids ok that's enough count me out and obviously no need to tin eye anything ha ha and 600 for what ??

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    Maybe she had bad customer. Pushed her too hard or something. Does sound like she flipped right out. Can barely understand what she is ranting about.
    What's this mean??:
    sensoal loser here: gf friend, relationship,marry. need pay u tell first not friend...i no normallly dont need. . a w is w real rich. w n m all service. m [email protected] i masg.u. woke up, u nomey role grand father. look at u face!! bad service! u life,u job. u like beautiful me services u. u no money have good dream. i look at u like fools. i no good dream! n u no money what u dream!!!

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    almost looks like some very poor use of google translate

    better she take out her bitchy mood on an ad post than a customer however....

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    She went by the name of Anne. She does have some reviews on here, I've never seen her.

    She sounds bat shit crazy and kinda bitchy on her ads. I remember one line in her crazy ads basically said you're a lazy loser if you're not rich or something! Something along the line of "you no give me lots of money for service, you lazy, you poor. Poor people, not hard worker. Lazy, poor person make bad customer. You go get better job! Lazy men don't call me!"
    You can even see her say in her current rant about "Vancouver, lots of rich!"
    Basically sounds like she's only interested in high end suckers....I mean rich guys or something!

    Yup, she can take a long walk off a short pier!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westcoastrider1982 View Post
    She went by the name of Anne. She does have some reviews on here, I've never seen her.

    She sounds bat shit crazy and kinda bitchy on her ads.
    Westcoastrider to the rescue again!

    The name helped me find one of her reviews:

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    After reading that older review wow the amount she is charging she should at least buy more quality bed and not some inflatable mattress but luckily there are always better options out there !

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