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Thread: Outdoor fun

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    Outdoor fun

    Hey guys thanks for all the help over the past while... New question is if anyone would know a so who would be down for a outdoor session

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    From my pov, I would not want to be getting it on outside in case the police happened to come rolling up, then I'd be fucked. My only suggestion is to find a lady who does car dates, she may be more likely to be down for an outdoor session.

    Just my opinion

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    Someone asked this a month ago, amazingly!
    "If sex is Mount Olympus, doggy style is drinking the nectar of the gods and communing with Them"

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    It's the perfect time of year for outdoor dates and I offer my "Sex On The Beach" fantasy date for those interested in adventure, romance and for the Lady to take command of the date. Why live in a world of "what if's" and wonder if I get caught? That's majorly boring *yawns*. (I'll be in Victoria Aug 9th until the 12th.)

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