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    Sadie Rose

    Has anybody seen Sadie Rose lately? I found reviews from 1 year ago, but she doesn't seem to be advertising much and would be good to know if she is still around. The pics on her website look great and I have been craving for a bbw kind of girl


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    Many of those reviews were me. I most recently saw her around last June (I think?) and she's still as awesome as she's ever been. Have and continue to repeat with her as she's one of my ATF's. I don't see her as often as I'd like (mostly time constraints), but have never had a bad experience with her.

    My understanding is she's a pretty low-volume provider hence the lack of advertising. I'm pretty sure she's more interested in having a smallish number of regulars, so if you treat her well, it will be reciprocated. Would highly recommend her, esp if you're a fan of GFE.

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    I saw her recent advertisement and decided to see her based largely on the reviews RobBC put up. I had a great time - I would agree with all of the previous reviews and she's definitely a true GFE experience. I would see her again. One thing, though, is that I wouldn't consider her to be a BBW, certainly not a "spinner", but she said she'd be updating her photos soon (they are about a year old now).

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