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Thread: BP girls

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    BP girls

    Hello everyone,

    Im fairly new to the whole scene and wondering if anyone has seen or has any info on any of these BP SP's.

    1) "Layla" -

    2) "Spinner" -

    3) "Bossy Bitch" -

    4) "Nicky" -

    5) "Kathy" -

    They are all gorgeous in the pics!! If they're real then I might go broke! Haha. Any info would be greatly appreciated before I go and TOFTT.

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    "Layla" - aka libbypowell_ Instagram model -
    "Spinner" - aka @bridg3t_rodi -
    "Bossy Bitch" - the watermark makes it harder to search
    "Nicky" -
    "Kathy" -

    I thought I would help you out. Maybe someone will fill in what I missed. But all you have to do is right click on the image and then left click "search Google for image". I hope that is helpful.
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    People might come on and tell you that the 2nd and 3rd are from a scamming ring formerly out of Langford. In the last ad the girl in the white top and black pants came back as Ukrainian model, Maria Martskaya.
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    And the "spinner" with the party favors probably make it annastasia or someone else that will be trouble

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    Good call Seabeast, I'd hate run into Anastasia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BallerNerd View Post
    Good call Seabeast, I'd hate run into Anastasia.

    None of the pics in the "spinner" ad mentioned by Seabeast are Annastasia. This is her, and she also goes by Anna Moss:

    She's also on the thread below, on which I stated that only two pics out of many (three ads) are her. Quickie Guy mentioned that he had "good and bad with her."

    I personally had "good" with her back in Feb., and banged her for the full 45 mins - some girls I'm not interested in cuddling with. I guess you have to get her on a good day, or she's improving as an SP. It helps to come in with a positive attitude and be friendly and nice from the start.
    "If sex is Mount Olympus, doggy style is drinking the nectar of the gods and communing with Them"

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    Anna moss/Anastasia uses multiple fake ads with fake photos to lure you in , that spinner ad is def her ad, cos at the same address as Anastasia is when I contacted her yesterday
    Don't get me wrong though guys, Anna is a tight spinner package for sure, if it wasn't for the time stalling doing whatever she's doing in the bathroom and the dryest bbbj ever I still had fun with that little body. Enter at your own risk

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