Pre-booking for August

Iím tall and lithe with a well toned body that I take excellent care of, inside and out. Exercise, along with healthy, beautifully prepared foods are special pleasures for me and define my lifestyle. But I'll be foundation is built on pleasure. Whether it be a stimulating workout, the sweetness of a fig, or another woman's soft caress, the experience of pleasure is never to be passed by.

You could say I'm a paradox. While a career in the corporate world both inspires and challenges me, sensuality has a special a present exquisitely wrapped in velvet, begging to be opened, sensuality intoxicates me. It draws me in, eyes wide, fingers touching, embracing my sweet surrender.

I believe vulnerability allows lovers to address and fulfill their desires. It's about giving and taking, expressing one's deepest desires, or holding back until the moment is just right. Pushing through to that place you never thought you'd go, then suddenly you're there. The dichotomy of leading a naughty double life that exhilarates and gratifies on a deep, human level. It's here where I invite you to meet me, between two worlds. You and I exploring together.

So here we are. What is it that you remember so far? That I enjoy the caress of a woman? Seems we already have something in common! Couples are most welcome to enjoy a leisurely sensuous experience together. Gender play is also something I enjoy immensely. Are you craving deeper intimacy? Perhaps you share your secrets, or maybe you let me draw them forth. Along our adventure, perhaps Iíll reveal mine. Or Iíll keep you guessingÖ
Peeling away the layers of your day, I seek to develop a connection through our sensual exploration of your deepest cravings. We begin from there.

My studio is much like myself, a towering traditional architectural beauty with a surprising sleek and sexy interior. Located downtown in an upscale building in Yaletown, there is plenty of convenient parking available.

I prefer to see just a few clients regularly, with whom I can establish a connection. However, I welcome the opportunity to meet those who only pass through our beautiful city occasionally.

Duos: If a delightful duo intrigues you, I would be happy to arrange a session for us and another beautiful woman with whom we could share a special experience. I love to play with Sweet Bree, Lauren Ross, Tia Luxx or as part of

Booking instructions: Non-smokers only. Please pre-book by email. Kindly send me a description of yourself and your desires, as well as a reference from DateCheck, P411, your review board handle, or another service provider, if possible. Please include your phone number and a convenient time for me to contact you.
[email protected] or Text: 1-604-362-8269

A few thoughts on how to spend our time....
NOTE: If we've already met, you are welcome to enjoy our previous arrangements

Lunch (up to 4 hours): $1,300
My personal favourite, let the rest of the world slip away and the anticipation build for what lies beyond our quiet meal.

Dinner out (up to 4 hours): $1,400
A romantic and intimate way to leisurely savour each other.

Dinner in (up to 4 hours): $1,600
With music playing and wine in hand, we create a meal together with ingredients Iíll ensure are on hand.

3 hours: $1,000
2 hours: $800 An unrushed introduction (minimum appointment time)

Overnight (16 hours of dinner, slumber and a leisurely morning): $3,000

Clock Free Date: $2,500
We have the day or evening to ourselves, the City is ours to explore and enjoy at our leisure. Itís about enjoying each other and not keeping track of time. Perhaps we go for a walk, or a scenic drive to a fantastic brunch destination, or an art gallery. Perhaps a leisurely lunch, followed by some delicious play time then a concert or comedy show, where only we know why we are grinning. Or, let me surprise you with a custom crafted adventure! However we decide to amuse ourselves, the day or evening is entirely ours.

Outcall fee: $50 (Daytime) $100 (Evening)