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Thread: Rooms to rent by the hour?

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    Rooms to rent by the hour?

    Anyone know of any places in K-town that rent by the hour? I've got a lady friend I met on CL and we're looking for some privacy and discretion. Any ideas? I haven't found anything through google but that doesn't mean there isn't anything out there

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    Or if anyone can even suggest a nice, quite, private spot for car or outdoor fun in the morning. I was thinking mission creek area but I'm not too familiar with the park

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    I've not rented a room by the hour in Kelowna, but I know in Calgary they are only a few dollars cheaper than renting them for the full night. This is because the main expense of renting a room is the clean up and that increases if you have to have staff on hand for more of the day.

    I assume one of the agencies would rent you a room for cheaper than a hotel. I like to rent a limo, the hourly rate works out to quite cheap, just make sure you can block out the driver.

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    We found a nice private spot and had some fun, thanks for the tips though, I like the idea of a limo.

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    Just doing my own research into this topic now. This website was helpful:

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