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Thread: Rainne 3572 LL?

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    Rainne 3572 LL?

    Has anyone had a chance to see this woman? Her bum looks great and does Greek as well.
    TonyJ is in need of your services.

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    Rainne 3572
    TOFTT from Friday Jul 28.
    Realize that all my evaluations and opinions here are subjective.
    I have contacted Rainne by text, it took her 2 hrs to respond to it, I but after that the correspondence was quite fast and straight forward. She is located next to the Lougheed mall in Burnaby in an apartment building. She greeted me at the door wearing g-sting lingerie which revealed all her tattoos so immediately I could tell this is the same girl as the pictures on LL. She’s definitely no B&S - WYSIWYG. Even though I always shower before I visit an SP, I prefer to take a shower upon my arrival as well, especially in the warm summer days. When texted her I asked whether I could take the shower at her place, she confirmed. When I arrived, she told me to wait for the shower a few minutes as her girlfriend was using it at the moment. She invited me to the bedroom and immediately started the enticing game – hugging, kissing, rubbing her nearly bare booty against me still fully dressed. I got aroused to the point I stopped caring about the shower, took of my clothes and went on to play the game along. She let me do anything I wanted with her. She played with herself as well. She offered the use of her toys, the same selection as displayed in one of the pictures on LL, I passed on that offer. She left the selection of the activities on me, but was very actively participating all the time. There was no BJ and I even didn’t attempt to go for it. I kind of did not feel like sticking my unshowered dick into her mouth. Also I did not attempt DATY for the same reason – if she and I would have taken the shower at the beginning, it could have been a different story. Before the main deed she handed me a condom and let me to put it on myself. We went through several positions of vaginal and anal action during which she was producing these pleasant to listen to moaning sounds. I like to believe she actually enjoyed the action. If she was faking it, than it was a tasteful performance it with no exaggeration. After a few minutes of this for me intensive exercise, I started to breath heavily and sweat as it was quite hot in the room (no A/C). I needed to take a break, laid down and she started anal cowgirl. Despite her trying really hard to finish me this way, I could not do. The finish was eventually accomplished by jerking off on her boobs.
    This girl is very down to earth and fun to talk to. Pleasant and accommodating. Her face is not the most glamourous but fairly pretty. The breasts are not C cup (as advertised), I would say larger A or B the most. The booty is of very respectable size. Recommend – yes, repeat – yes, when it’s much colder weather.

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    Sweet! I know who is next on my list!
    TonyJ is in need of your services.

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    300 for the hour...I don't know about that.

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    Check your closet..:)
    Did she squirt....
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    How was the Greek? Any fetish feedback? Love the collar pic she has up.

    Anyone have input on the BJ?

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    Seen Rainne and shes a nice young lady definitely not 25 though, in her 30's for sure. I get the vibe that she could be a real bitch if she wanted to but she plays nice, but I cant help but feel her fakeness shine but maybe its just me. Our session was pretty hardcore but I think she had more fun then I did haha. Overall a different experience, not good but not bad and I might even repeat for the bbbj + cim. Plus I want to use some of those toys I saw on her.
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    I saw her a couple times in the summer before her prices went up, worrh seeing now with her xmas special rates for sure. My experience was almost the same as forbiddenfruitlover's, except no wait for the shower haha- It does seem like she tries a little too hard to sound like she's enjoying herself, and maybe my big little fella could tell, had to jerk it off onto her ass too. Definitely fun to play with her toys though, not often you come across a chick that's all in like that. I'll be seeing her again soon.

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