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Thread: Too good to be true?

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    Too good to be true?

    Just curious if anyone has visited this Jessica woman. Stunning pics which makes me wary.

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    hard to pics says she's all over map. Back East but other pics show up in CA

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    For what it's worth, I had put out a few feelers to a few women yesterday, and she was one of them. She replied a couple of hours later saying she was available that day, but by then I had followed up with a different SP.

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    I noticed her photos popped up in Calgary a fair amount but no reviews to be found. Maybe it's just me but she has an ideal body so you'd think there would be some history if she was legit.
    May have to inquire further and report back.

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    My instinct says waaaay to hot to be true... but... my gooooood she's beautiful if she's true

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    I got no response.

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