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Thread: Vetting Criteria

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    Vetting Criteria

    I'm sure we all have our standard mental check list to vet and verify the lovely ladies before we book and visit. I'm wondering what other ladies and gentlemen do compared to myself.

    This morning for instance browsing posts...,
    I tend to steer away from any which are overly littered with poor spelling.
    I perform a quick right click "Search Google for Images" and check the results.
    Double check the ad content would suggest the lovely lady is suggesting services I would be pleased to explore and the rates & available location information appear agreeable.
    I txt the lovely lady asking for rate & approximate location information if sufficient was not provided in the ad.

    If the txt response is timely polite and ties up all my queries I then tend to communicate further to try and confirm a booking or if I get a reply like this.... many alarm bells ring in my ears I stop and go back to my search!

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    I feel like this should be at the Neighbourhood Watch or at the review section to warn people??

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