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Thread: Dreams come true... at noi's

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    Dreams come true... at noi's

    I had a feeling i needed to drop by Noi's yesterday, to see lilly. As im there she asks me if i would like two girls... would i like 😎 After a quick chat, her friend joined us. I didnt catch her name, but i have seen her at nois once before. I had the best experience of my life! They each took a half of me and gave me an amazing massage and then the flip... their was so much going on it was hard to compute at times. But the view of those two beauties will never leave my mind. To the guy who called in to book a duo, and didnt show - THANK YOU.

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    I guess I just don't have the charm. I visited Noi's last week and saw the other girl (not lily) and while she was lovely gave about the poorest massage I have had and while accomodating was defi itely not erotic or enticing. Once the deed was done she just stopped and talked and wanted me out the door. I paid for one hour but was out the door in 50 minutes. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

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    Well thats unfortunate! But truth be told... i dont go for the "massage." maybe thats whyi lucked out? We went WAY over an hour.

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