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Thread: Boys weekend to Vancouver

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    Boys weekend to Vancouver

    Doing a little advanced recon for a trip in a few months. Have a group of 3 fellas meeting up in Vancouver for a get together. Going to see a band, drink too much, eat good food, stay at a nice hotel, that sort of weekend. We also talked hiring SPs for one of the nights. How would be the best way to set this up? It would seem a bit awkward to have 3 girls that didn't know each other all meet up at a restaurant for dinner and enthusiastic dessert. Whats the best way to find an Asian, some sexy chocolate and a pale redhead? Just go through an agency like Carmen Fox? Lots of prior planning or just hit up LeoList on arrival to the big city, and give the SP a full disclosure of the evening plans?

    Any feedback is appreciated.


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    If you have plenty of time to plan ahead, you can try with established independents (not random ones on LL, just so they don't flake on you last minute). You can research and find ones to your liking, based on the criteria you described. Definitely disclose your intentions in the beginning, that they would be meeting others (SPs and clients). You may even find some independents have other independent friends they are comfortable with.

    If you don't have much time (or patience) to plan, go through an agency like Carman Fox, and just ask for 3 girls matching your criteria...

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