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Thread: Iris Day Spa

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    Iris Day Spa

    I was close by and thought I'd give it a try, unfortunately they were closed.

    I might go back tomorrow but I'm not sure if it would be worth it. Anyone have experience there? What's on the menu and how much should I tip?

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    I went to the one in Guildford. As far as I know they are a regular spa and offer no extras.
    I'm not a pirate...

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    I had one girl at Guildford offer more, but she is long gone, so they appear to be legit.

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    I tried the one in White Rock and was told by the woman who led me to the room to keep my underwear on so I knew there was no hope for extras.

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    I've been to Guildford location and Newton location.

    Guildford location was led in and told to leave underwear on I got a 40+ yo smoker, limited english, absolutely no extras crappy legit. Not a great massage and was sore for days. Oh yea did I say she was a smoker?

    Newton location was interesting. I went in and paid up front and was told I could either tip now or later. I politely said I'd tip the girl.

    Was led in and told to keep underwear on.
    The young girl, 20 something CBC ok massage no extras. I tipped an extra 10 and the prices are pretty good at Iris.

    Iris is legit but I wonder if I tipped up front if things would be different.

    Anyone know a decent asian theraputic massage with HE in Surrey? I'm not too concerned about age or looks.

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    Try Mina at the Kingsway location. Excellent massage, very slow sensual touch , good hands and experienced. Not bad looking, very nice tight body. Didn't allow touching. Very friendly, turned me over late in the 1hr session and touch junior s few times but never finished with the deed hoping for. I liked her. She told me to come back and book 90 min. Only $60.
    60 min is only $42. Well worth it. I will repeat soon and see if more is available.
    Curious about the "new" new west location
    Anyone been to comment on.
    Iris at guilford does offer more, depends who you get but all providers are older and not attractive.

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    Should I have tipped up front?

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    I don't recommend tipping before

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    The white rock location has some decent ladies who know how to massage and once they get to know you are happy to give some consistent accidental brushing of Junior, seemingly all very innocent like. Definitely no underwear remaining on requests any more.

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    from my experience no extras here unless this has recently changed. are they offering HJ?

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    if memories serves me right... this iris location was subject to police case last year... someone charged with lewd touching...

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    Drove by the Kingsway location at about 12:30.
    today. Noticed a very attractive asian hottie going up to the door
    Thinking she may be a massage provider upstairs at Iris.
    Anyone been lately. Anyone report on if this young hottie wifi’s there. Can’t see her going for a massage.
    Doesn’t fit the place so thinking she works there and was coming back from s break.
    Any recent visits? Thanks in advance. Used to be s hi to for me.

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