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Thread: Nadia, visiting Asian

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    Red face Nadia, visiting Asian

    Well, no bait and switch.. 220 for the hour in a dt condo...

    I do not believe she is 23 but she is less than 30.

    Shower first, easy on the eyes... breasts are augmented, she keeps eye contact when possible.. this was a fun hour..

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    Yes Nadia told me she was coming out with her friend Haru. If you go to CAF you'll see a ton of reviews on these 2 super stars

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    what does CAF stand for

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    Quote Originally Posted by austin1 View Post
    what does CAF stand for
    Canada Adult Fun.
    "If sex is Mount Olympus, doggy style is drinking the nectar of the gods and communing with Them"

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    Also paid Nadia a visit this week. Happy to say not an aunty behind the door. Standard Korean shower, mouthwash etc.. process.
    Dfk,bbbj,daty all good. She seemed a little distant when i first arrived but a few jokes made and she opened up. I love dfk and she didn't disappoint. Didn't really feel breasts were enhanced as the were soft not the usual hard feeling but either way nice size.
    She mentioned she might try to come back Sept or Oct.

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