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Thread: Annie From Beach Bunnies

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    Annie From Beach Bunnies

    Hay people

    Has anyone seen Annie from Beach Bunnies, She looks stunning but as we all know about this business you just never know. Or do you know anyone at Beach Bunnies ??? who you would say you must see this one??

    Thank you

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    There was a very thorough and glowing review of Miss Annie's services at BB just a page or two back.

    I can attest I saw her briefly in person in the waiting room while I was leaving from visiting my favourite girl there, and I can confirm she is very pretty and fills out the good ol' little black dress very nicely.

    From my own personal experience, I would highly recommend Dylan, who has some rave reviews on the BB website, including yours truly, and one on this site a few pages back as well. She has a very nice warm and friendly personality combined with a fun, sassy and humourous edge, is very pretty with a lovely slim but curvy physique, and provides very skilled and enthusiastic service in my history of visits with her.

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