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Thread: Nikki Abbotsford ?

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    Nikki Abbotsford ?

    Anybody know what's going on with Nikki from Abbotsford? Seen her a few times now she seems to be MIA.

    Pretty slim pickings in the Valley would hate to lose another fav. LOLA was in town for a bit as well back from a state sponsored vacation She is trying to get back on her feet again.

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    I've seen Nikki twice. She was decent. Mid 30 ,mom body, not crazy fit but not fat or a BBW. Place was clean,discrete and easy to park. Easy to book and her price included Greek. Was 50 which is crazy cheap, so must have gone up by now lol

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    I just spoke to her and that was defiantly just a one time deal, which is now over, if you want her current rates best to ask her first as that special is done

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    Anyone seen any k girls in Abby?

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    What's her rates now? And what u mean by K girls? Korean?

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