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    Natalia LL5295

    Has anyone TOFT this girl? I know i have seen her before on LL and she has been reviewed but i can't seem to find it (it's from last year). I know i was about to go see her a few times but the stars never aligned.

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    TOFTT? She's not new, was reviewed before, just a different phone #: Natalia 2753.

    Seems the most detailed review is gone after the author left PERB.

    Anyway, she's legit. Check her (verified) ad on , "I'm all about you daddy" - that sounds right. CBJ, limited kissing, not really a GFE attitude but aims to please and impress, lots of effort into her appearance. Last known rate from 2016 was 300/h or 200/half.

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    i just contacted her and it's 450/h. Is it just me or is that a little pricey for the services provided

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    ive gotten her for 200HH before

    Nearing the end of the month shes done 160-180 as well

    Typical Girl spending more money then shes making.

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