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Thread: DUO- Miss Lady Vanessa & Rev Chris Sykes

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    DUO- Miss Lady Vanessa & Rev Chris Sykes

    New MMF experience in Nanaimo offered this month by Vanessa piqued my interest. Long time since I played this sport. Special 5C/hr in Jul for duo. Easy to arrange by email & phone. They were accommodating when I was unavoidably delayed. As usual Vanessa looked stunning. In blue denim ultra shorts and white tank top iaw my very late dress request. Must remember to give her more notice. The Rev is middle-aged, muscular, reddish beard, sort of Celtic-Viking-Irish looking. Very friendly, handsome, relaxed, easy to get to know, and experienced masseur. They eased my travel tension. We started slowly with sensuous mutual massages and moved on to hot erotic 3-way play. Leaving details to your imagination. Vanessa & Chris in top form. I felt a bit challenged to match them but totally enjoyable. Left some plays for the next match. see...

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    Thanks for the review, planning on setting up a date soon myself..

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    Thank you for taking the plunge and being the first to share a review p2v7guy.
    You are already welcome to join Looking for fun.
    Respectfully yours....myself and Christian SYN*

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