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Thread: Camryn

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    Has anyone seen Camryn? Her pictures look good.

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    weighty former student, from out of town, indie to start with, naive, did it all, young but not great, weight on now, young pup but been on the job a steady 2 years now

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    Yes she's back alright. Still a student apparently.
    Saw her tonight and had a great time. Much prettier than the pics indicate. Nicely tanned, a larger lady but solid, no flab etc, just a nice fit larger gal with a great personality. Very pretty face, sparkling smile. Lovely breasts with both nipples pierced. Certainly eager to please. Only restrictions was no bare back sex. BBBJ was an extra $60 that I passed, A definite repeat when I can.

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    in her formative years, she was a little more free with what was on offer, although the dollar chase was still evident. Pierced tiddies, wow, interesting.

    I think i was 150 all in, for everything, but again, a long time ago and i guess she has wised up with what she doies and doesnt do

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    Does anyone know if she free lances? If so does anyone know how to contact her without the agency?

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    i think the question is reasonable

    plenty of girls freelance, without an agency and are safe

    risks for sex workers are higher, but sadly, that goes with the territory

    lots of punters are also unreported victims (as the crimes go unreported)

    we are all big boys and girls, talking about shagging birds for cash.....we should address any issue and all learn by it

    the previous poster may have asked as she was a craigslist dweller previously and met people for sex for cash without an agency

    i respect the point you made, but we must be asking questions and agreeing with you we must always respect the sex worker

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    My reasons for asking that question was to be able to by pass the agency. I believe these ladies deserve to keep all the money they work hard for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sabrefan View Post
    Does anyone know if she free lances? If so does anyone know how to contact her without the agency?
    Call the agency!!!

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    A PM may be a good way to answer this one. Or not.

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    I saw this pretty lady last evening.
    She's the same delightful sexy person as last time. wonerful attitude, willing partner, very responsive . Really seeems to enjoy herself. I'm repeating again tonight while I'm in the area. Can't wait to remove her sexy outfit and start playing.
    You guys should know that Cameron only works through the agency, Ladies n Lace with no private visits undertaken. She's more comfortable this way so if you want to see her LnL is where you should be calling. I just love this woman's attitude, style and looks . Top drawer in my view, ticks all the boxes for me, and that is what counts. Treat her well.

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    Has anyone seen Camryn lately? The pics that are posted on BP and LNL site have been around for what seems like ages. Do they still do her justice?

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    I saw her mid Nov. She was great
    The pics on LnL dont do her justice and should be updated. Great lady. Wished I lived closer to Nanaimo.

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    Does anyone know where she went? I dont see her on the LnL site anymore.

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    Camryn has moved to Vancouver but works as Seraphina part time out of ClassChoice Escorts in Victoria. In fact shes taking bookings for a visit this week.

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    She is coming back to nanaimo this week? Do you need to book her through the agency?

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