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    Kenny Shields

    Ironically the internet was designed to save us time.
    I know right...

    If cats had Instagram do you think it would be full of pictures of us?
    Think about that for a minute..

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    I have a few Streetheart albums, yeah vinyl man, and saw them back-up AC/DC during the "Back in Black" tour in 1980, Brian Johnson's first.

    First time I saw AC/DC was Bon Scott's last gig here and they were backing up Aerosmith during their initial "Dream On", "Sweet Emotion" was the "Dream On" 45 b-side, and "Walk This Way" run. Never heard of them, down goes a couple hits of acid, and out comes Angus Young in his school uni. Good times.

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    somewhere, in an escort's arms i hope
    I like a lot of songs from that time. One of them is
    To each their own.

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    Some catchy songs. Good old Canadian classic rock. Sorry to hear of his passing.

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