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Thread: Anyone see her - Nena

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    Anyone see her - Nena

    Ad is from Tuesday 18th
    I did text today to see if she was avail in Winnipeg tomorrow Saturday 22'nd, no reply.
    Curious to hear anything, maybe I missed out?

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    You didn't do an image search did you?
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    Quote Originally Posted by westwoody View Post
    You didn't do an image search did you?
    LoL! These people are so lazy.

    Honestly it would tale just a few clicks..

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    Thanks god Poosties won't share any info with me, LOL!

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    Quote Originally Posted by westwoody View Post
    You didn't do an image search did you?

    pictures stolen from twitter account used all over the internet .

    how to do an image search

    step 1 download image

    step 2 go to tin eye upload image to tin eye

    step 3 go to search engine take adult filter off click on the word " images "in search engine or click search by image usually a little camera icon in the search engine . upload image to search engine .

    try to repeat step 3 this with multiple search engines Google Bing and so on . .

    for your information some images are purposely altered so they do not show up in search engines for example photo shopping flowers bunny ears whatever on the girls face.

    You may think this takes to much time however

    This process takes very little time and is a lot less stressful expensive and time consuming that being robbed assaulted Or showing up at a place that you thought would have some sexy young thing To be confronted by some drug addicted . Toothless war pig hog beast. That either is so ugly she looks like a very ugly man .With warts facial hair skin problems due to std's and poor hygiene With a stench that makes the local garbage dump smell like heaven and she look as if she would pass as an ugly man or actually is an ugly man.

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