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    Boa 411

    There is no Nanaimo 411 so post question rather than review. Been going through reviews of BOA from this city as they're well established here. Though most are positive, there have been sprinkling of comments raising safety concerns. Is it mainly that many of their ladies provide BBBJ or have there being legit concerns about drug use, clients catching something, providing unmentionables. Can pm me, as don't public speculation. Is is particular sp that were concern. Thanks

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    Been to BOA Nanaimo several times. Currently met 4 girls working there now. All clean here, no hint of drug use. Can't comment of their private life but no signs. Felt safe there and will be going back for more. PM me if you have a direct concern or question about my experiences

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    I've been to BOA Nanaimo several times. Always felt safe and comfortable there. I can't think of a single bad thing to say about BOA, Rikki, or any of the girls that I've met there. The only bummer is that Ranze is no longer working. She was hands down the best experience I've ever had in this hobby.

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    Same here... dozens of BBBJs received from BOA ladies over the years and I'm clean as of my most recent testing.

    Rootbeerrenegade... I feel your pain regarding Ranze's departure. She was a one of a kind SP in my experience, and a genuinely lovely person in general.

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    Have to agree with everybody about Ranze, very sweet and a ton of fun

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    Thanks everyone.

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    Does anyone know if Ranze is out of the business for good? I missed her while she was working....

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    sorry but she is long gone never to return. This wasn't her career just something so do while she was here.

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