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Thread: Having A Good Dump

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    Having A Good Dump

    What's the solution for having huge landfills to deal with waste? People, plants and animals produce garbage, but no matter how much we recycle, shred or burn, there will always be things that need to be dealt with.

    I guess we could shoot it into space, but that doesn't seem practical. Towing it out to sea is about the dumbest solution. By-the-way - Are we still trucking garbage to Cache Creek? I don't think any community should inflict their waste on another, and that includes Lower Mainland municipalities - keep the garbage you produce in your own community, and maybe you'll find better ways of dealing with it, instead of trying to hide it. Our disposable society, and over-packaging bears a lot of blame.

    So, other than reducing the amounts, are there better ways of dealing with waste, or making landfills more "green"?
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    I know you are talking about a VERY serious issue that is effecting mankind all over the planet, but ... seriously when I saw this thread in the lounge while having my brekky, the title kinda ... grossed me out. lol. Ok, I have a dirty brain, I admit.

    Recycle, Reduce and Reuse are still the way to go. We live in a consumer society where getting things repaired is so expensive due to labor cost, it is better to chuck stuff in the garbage.
    I hope scientists are working on packaging that can be recycled because we still have to throw away certain kind of material.
    On the eve of garbage day, while going for a stroll after supper, I can see that people are still not fully aware about what to recycle or what to throw or NOT TO throw in the compost.
    Blue bags are stuffed with pizza boxes.
    According to EPA about 75% of the waste can be recycled but only 30% of it is actually being recycled. That is alarming?

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    Humans are certainly destroying this planet in many ways. I work for a large global company and the amount of waste that we generate is utterly mind boggling to me. Especially when you watch things being disposed that are perfectly usable or repairable but as CT points out it's far too expensive to repair items these days. Over the years we're recycling more but we are miles from where we should be.

    We really need to hold individuals and businesses more accountable for their waste and their footprint on this, our only, planet.
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    read the title and thought the thread was about having a good shit. one of those ones where is just slides right out. no squeezing or pinching necessary, and you get that wonderful empty feeling after.

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