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    Cool Cathy Rose

    First of all I realize that this review will be ridiculed for the mere fact its my first post since I've been a member. I've always enjoyed reading all of your reviews that has helped me choose some amazing SP's and helped me avoid some disastrous ones. I feel I should start to do my part and post some of my experiences, so here we go.....

    I've seen a lot of local and traveling SP's and i have had some hits and misses. I have heard some good things about Cathy Rose and decided to take a shot. She was fairly prompt at texting, she had a few questions for me as its our first meeting which is understandable. I had to wait a little longer when I got to her hotel which was the only slight downside but that was soon forgotten when I made it to her door. She has the "Girl next door" look to her and I was immediately put at ease. We chatted for little while and then it was down to "business". She has an amazing body and I would say one of the best BBBJ's I have ever had, I would keep going back just for that. She has smooth and soft skin, it was hard to keep my hands off her, and she really enjoys what she does.

    After the main event was over we chatted for a while after and she has a great personality. I wish i could keep her to myself but some birds aren't meant to be caged. I hope we all treat her and her companion Kandra very well so they keep frequenting our fair city.

    Location: I would say closer to the airport then downtown, but a great hotel and location 10/10

    She is a definite repeater.

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    Awwww thank you �� ! It was a very nice way to end my night with you xxx We will come back for sure !

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