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Thread: Ashley at Euphoria

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    Ashley at Euphoria

    Contrary to some reports, she is still in business. She is pretty well reviewed already, but my two cents are that she gives a nice soft massage with oil and on flip she will go naked letting you touch those magnificent breasts. I have enjoyed my visits with her.

    When I mentioned to her the thread about her not being working she did ask that I mention that she took time off to finish her schooling and is back now.

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    Does she have a new phone number as the old one is no longer in service?

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    No idea, I just went to her door.

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    just look for the neon open sign

    several visits, basically a fit bird with splendid hooters tossing you off, but no more than that

    she is fit, so doesn't actually have to do the nasty to earn the dough

    wank a few fellas off, let em paw yer tiddies and it's cash in the bank

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    ah ya, i saw ashley a few times. last time i went there she said she had implants so i couldn't nurse. :'(

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    Bit expensive for a rubntug but she's very beautiful and nice to chat with!

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