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    Vipotg - seven

    it has been a long time since my last review. Not only I didn't quit the hobby, but also i almost seen every girl offered by VIP and more than a half by Lori. I am just sick and tired of those "any info" post...

    Now go back to the topic

    I booked Seven twice already this time and planing for my third visit. I do give tips regularly but she received my largest tip since my day one in the hobby.

    To whoever haven't met her yet, my recommendation is RUN to see here while she is still here. You will be glad u did.

    She is a spinner type.

    Photos are accurate. I rarely say any photo are accurate unless i am over 90% sure.

    Service & attitude are beyond excellent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackleon View Post
    Problem is to get an answer from mamasan
    Texted and called few times, no luck

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    Seen Seven today. Of all the lady's I have seen from VIP, she is definitely the best so far. I agree with Jackleon's comments, service is beyond excellent. I have never experienced the hot water bj, you need to try it.

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    Send them a private message thru vipotg give them your perb handle and phone no and mamasan will call you.. thats what i did..

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    Last day for Seven. Leaves tomorrow.

    I figured out what it is about her that's different then the other girls. Don't get me wrong, I get that I'm a mediocre lover at best, and most of the girls do an admirable job of pretending otherwise. The difference is that Seven makes you 'believe' you're a fucking rockstar. She makes you believe you're special. Where the other girls tell you you're a rockstar but you know full well they're full of shit. I'm sixty pounds over weight, and they tell me 'oh you have such a strong body', hello ... how dumb do you think I am. The other thing with Seven is that she's not afraid of letting you take control right from the onset. So many of the girls want to stick to their routine and if you suggest a change they will do their best to steer you back to their plan. I remember one girl, all I wanted to do was look at her for a minute before getting started, and it was nope, lay down its time for your massage.

    On a side note, asked Seven when she would return as someone had suggested she might not be. Seven fully expects to return and suggested before Winter. But of course VIP has a say in that I'm guessing. I'd think they'd be crazy not to bring her back as often and as long as she's willing to come. She does have a tendency to go long, at least she did with both my visits. Might be annoying for them.

    For those of you having trouble making that elusive appointment, time to start seeing some of there less popular or new girls (they're all good, there's the hand full that have rabid fans), build up that relationship so that when the big ones do come back you're remembered.

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    so i had my 4th appt with Seven. Again the experience are getting greater even more. She is so good at teasing that i was shaking half of the time ~ lol. one of the life time exp i will not forget.

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    and yes, it was her last day yesterday. i am so sad and gonna quite the hobby for a while to recover my financial losses

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    I see she had a couple adds up today but vipotg's # is dc'd. Would book but alas I cannot. :, (

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