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Thread: Leolist massage Ruby 0530

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    Leolist massage Ruby 0530

    Anyone try her yet?
    Ruby 0530

    She looks super thin and flat chested , which I like sometimes, don't know why! Lol! I get off on that look!
    Wonder if she was a model or escort previously, only offering massage now. Pro looking pics, didn't come back on my image search app.

    I may TOFTT if nobody reports back, but hoping for some info.

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    Anyone have anything???

    Another ad found on Craigslist

    Looks like she works out of the same place as that Jade girl and a few others.

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    So this girl was just over, when I went to change she took the money and bolted, not sure what else to say, first time it's ever happened to me. Lesson learned, tried to toftt ect.

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    Wow really? Holy shit!
    She says she works at that place with the other girls on Cambie and 42.
    So she does outcall?

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    I called her out on the scam, of course she denied it.
    She also removed her Leolist ad and is no longer answering my texts. I still wanted to give her a go since I was going to see her at the Studio at Cambie and 42, figured it would've been harder to rip someone off at a pro studio.
    Wanted to see her based on her pics, services offered and overall good vibe I got chatting with her in her texts(before this scam was reported)

    Also notice Papa smurf's review in the massage section is now gone! Why is that?

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    Wow, that sucks pappa smurf. If she was working out of that studio, wonder why she would pull a stunt like that. Unlikely anybody will see her now after this!

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    Looks like she changed her name and #
    Lily 9539

    She called herself Swedish before and now she's Russian!
    Regardless she does look good!!

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    I deleted it after no one seemed to take it seriously and I was questioned about the authenticity of it. I got scammed , I guess it happens and I'm not sure how it would happen at a studio ect but bad on me for the outcall I guess. She was totally wasted when she came over which should have been the first warning for me. I got burned, lesson learned.

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