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    Channel "The Legend"

    Saw Chanel "The Legend" downtown and enjoyed my time with her. Good location for incall. She is hot blonde with great body. Only minor negative is she said her man made boobs were sensitive and was a little restrictive in that area.

    She is town until Fri.

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    I would agree with the sensitive breasts.

    Chanel's communication was good. Setting up the date was easy with a few back and forth's we were set. I arrived to a talkative smiling lady. After a little chit chat and freshening up i joined her on the bed. The making out was by far my favorite part. She's a good kisser but it was short lived. I am a fan of oral but unfortunately did not like her technique. I am just to sensitive for teeth i guess . When she thought i had finished so was she. I don't need msog but when she advertises it and there's time i expected at least some kind of fun. Instead she seemed to want to talk, so i lent her my ear and left unfulfilled. I just feel if a provider is going to charge that kind of money they should put in more effort than that. Kind of what misterbeaver and bigbutts were talking about in Yvonne's thread. Not what i expected after reading the "reviews" she had posted about herself. You win some you lose some i guess.
    She seemed nice enough and i think meant well for the most part but it wasn't what i was hoping for. Based on my experience here and with other ladies I've seen I wouldn't repeat. Hopefully it works out better for others.
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    Hello, Hankmoody

    I am sorry you were "left unfulfilled". You must remember that you should always indicate to the lady what else is in your mind after you end, in particular if it is our first meeting. Just lying there and saying nothing simply sends a signal that this is all you want. Every SP tries to read the mind of her date, but you should try to help. And, gentlemen, about "sensitive breasts": please try to remember that everybody's physique is different, and every lady has her likes and dislikes just as you do. Your experience is much better if you let her know what you like and dislike, and when she reciprocates with the same information. It is only then that you will get a true GFE. And the second and third time around it really gets amazing for you.
    And I saw the Misterbeaver's and Bigbutt2's comments in the Yvonne thread you referred to in your review of me. They are right that there are some reviews in which the reviewers exult the virtues of the PS they met and they love. Everybody has to find what he likes, and share it with others. If the meeting does not meet personal expectation - that does not mean that the review was bad or untrue, or that the PS was not doing her best, but only that you own initial contact with the PS was missing some personal information which should have been shared. We cannot all love the same things. Most of my clients know that I make every effort to make them happy, and this is why I can be proud of so many superb reviews, and share them with you.

    Just as an example I want to share with you only one of the great reviews I had after my last Winnipeg visit, this one posted on TER:

    10 - One in a lifetime

    9 - Forgot it was a service

    Excellant 5

    Very Good. 4

    Session Location

    General Details

    Channels everything she appears to be in her ads. Had hoped to be able to see her as she is so busy when she has come to Winnipeg before. Got pre-booked and received excellent communication with location...texted her when I got to a high class hotel with plenty of traffic so no one stood out....received a text to tell me to come up to her room right away. Got to the door and was so happy to see the "Lovely Chanel". She was wearing a beautiful lingerie that enhanced her beautiful body and gave me a light kiss...I had brought some wine and we chatted for some time...Chanel is not a clock watcher....the fun begins

    The Juicy Details

    We talked for an hour.... being a little older I had booked two hours to have MS. I looked at the clock and said wow we have been talking for an hour, she responded with don't worry about time you are my last appointment and that time could stand still. WOW. We talked about museums in Paris, Berlin, and Warsaw, she is by far the most intelligent provider I have ever been near. When the action started we began with some LFK which turned into MFK and then some DFK even though neither one of us really pushed that. She then showed me her beautiful ass which I licked and she enjoyed, she then began one of the best bbbj I have ever experienced and even though I would have loved to cum from a RCG I had no interest in stopping the blowjob. Chanel turned around and we began of the best sights I have seen she is very sensitive and appreciated my efforts..she seemed to cum more than once and wouldn't stop with her oral until I came in her mouth....Awesome. We relaxed for 10 minutes picked up our conversation and she asked me if I was ready for round 2. This was a little more difficult then I would have expected but in the first hour and a half I felt like it was more of a relationship instead of a provider. I ended up having to finish myself (no fault of Chanel) while she encouraged me and played with herself..when I was close she grabbed my semi hard dick and finished me in her mouth again. Extraordinary. Cant wait to see her again."

    I can't wait to seeing you next time, Hankmoody, and remember: GFE always gets better with time �� �� �� ��


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    I always think of a first meeting as an introduction. If everything isn't perfect just move on with no hard feelings.

    Even the best ladies and best clients have off days.
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