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Thread: Barbie Sara /lea

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    Barbie Sara /lea

    Saw Barbie Sara/lea yesterday. The Sara photos are real, lea photos are not. I knew this was a crapshoot going into it thanks to you my fellow perbers but wanted to try something new.

    Sara is gorgeous though, petit with nice big fake boobs and nice ass, and have a great cbj, loved it... but that's where the good things end.

    Obviously she is using both numbers to find more people, and that's fine, except the blatant bait and switch that "lea" offers Greek and cof and all those fun things we are always looking for, while Sara only does covered play, which is fine too... I booked with "lea", not "Sara" but when asking about Greek she had never done it before it's ok, I knew that part was a trap

    Msog for extra 50 a pop was pretty lame, but that was my fault for not being diligent before starting the fun...

    Overall I'm sure I should feel ripped off and sad, but man was she beautiful watching her try to DT me with those nice eyes and boobies
    Enjoy the summer gents! Do your homework!

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    Thanks for the review bro, sorry to hear about your crappy experience. I for one, no longer bother with out of town providers...too many rip off stories(including two of my own).
    Be verwy quiet, I'm hunting poontang!

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