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Thread: Naomi4u e transfer ? Possible scam or true?

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    Naomi4u e transfer ? Possible scam or true?

    I was trying to book with Naomi4U today and she responded only on her Snapchat that she sometimes posts on

    Saying that she requires a deposit of 60$ over e transfer just to confirm a booking

    And would not book with me because of it . As I don't want to e transfer while doing this
    Prefer to just deal in cash

    Anyone able to confirm if she's legit or has she turned scammed

    I've seen her before ! But never had to deal with this before

    Any info appreciated

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    I wouldn't.
    Her pics (as well as others) have been lifted by scammers in the past.
    Ironically the internet was designed to save us time.
    I know right...

    If cats had Instagram do you think it would be full of pictures of us?
    Think about that for a minute..

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    I would notify her directly by email, webpage or phone number and ask. If you seen her before I'm sure she has your name and number in her phone, SPs usually keep contact info. She might not be aware this is happening?

    Just a suggestion. But don't send anything until you know for sure.

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    Same scam on Wechat... where the girls.want to receive red envelopes by electronic pay... or want Itune gift cards.... and when you insist that you will pay in cash once you meet them...well it's a no go.. and will actually try to make you feel guilty... such as saying ...You do not trust me.... I never cheated you before... I then reply how can I trust you or not trust you... we have never met... and no you haven't cheated me before..and I certainly won't give you a chance to do it now....
    Most of the time they will delete you... or simply delete them if they are pushy and insisting ...

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    I would only consider a prebooking fee if she needed to confirm an expensive prebooking rate, like if he or I wanted to book 4 hours and she needs to make sure he is serious. I would never send any amount of money up front otherwise. Cash in person, or no deal.

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    When she has visited Vancouver in the past, her ads are up in multiple locations and she's never asked for a deposit in my recollection. She's even advertised here occasionally. My money is on scam.

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    If your number ever changes let me know

    I just saved yours for a cross reference haha

    Damnn.,.. i personally just wouldnt ever e transfer unless its a girl i would see regularly

    Or i meet them off SA

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