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Thread: CBC Drew on Vancouver EROS

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    CBC Drew on Vancouver EROS

    She's been advertising for quite some time. Anyone care to write a descriptive review? Sounds like a possible hidden gem.

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    I have met cbc Drew couple of times so far, not lately due to my longer travels. I have to say I was very impressed with her good sexy looks, she was wearing skin tight black mini dress and black nylons and high heels. She looks like her pics on Vancouver Eros site stats seems right on, nice slim body kind of like those ice figure skaters body type, nice sexy legs and perfect small round bum just the way I like and prefer spinner type. She is good looking Asian born here so perfect English. She is very friendly has a sexy voice already on the phone when i spoke to her sounded great. In the bedroom it was one hot session but I prefer not go to much in to details. I would say experience will not be disappointing one...

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    Thanks for the info Max. Hows her face? How old does she look?

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