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    Kendra bell 8527

    Anyone seen the new girl Kendra from the Coq Bells group? Thanks

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    No but I plan on seeing her next week. Will report back the essentials.

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    How'd it go Vancity561?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sdgy View Post
    How'd it go Vancity561?
    Still TBD as she hasn't been available all week. She is tonite after 5pm but that's outside of my "safe window". Sorry, was hoping to have something to share on this one by now.

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    anyone seen her yet?

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    Hi fellows, I met Kendra Bell during week .
    She seems to be new to the industry. She is young and petite size with sexy body, not so curvy. She is still shy and not outgoing.
    I had a PSE session with her, she is good at DFK and her BBBJ is OK.
    She is not very interactive at performance but was trying to give me a good time by following the orders and was very quiet during session.
    Overall she is still under training and needs to learn and experience more.
    I rate her as:
    L 7
    S 6
    A 6
    For those fellows who have seen Hannah Bell and liked her, I can say Kendra has similar attitude .
    I may not repeat.
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    Saw her recently and can only say that it was one of the weirdest related experiences in my life. I'm not one to run down a SP but this was honestly a glimpse into the future when sex with human looking robots will be a thing. To say she was immobile would be putting it too lightly. She literally did not speak unless spoken to and only responded with 2-3 words at a time. I tried weakly to break the ice and normally try harder but right from the hop I could tell it was going to be futile. She literally stood in front of me and stared, wordlessly, until I suggested maybe we could start with a BJ. It was like a commend being executed dutifully and dispassionately. Never looked up a single time, just lightly inhaling the first 1/2 inch of my dick for 5-6 minutes. I honestly think she would have continued until either I came (which wasn't gonna happen) or the 30 mins ran out. So then I asked if we could move to the mirror and continue. So we get there and she again stood motionless and wordless until I motioned that she should go down to her knees. Same shallow bj for a few more minutes. At one point I went to brush the hair out of her face so I could see better and she immediately popped up to her feet and looked at me quizzically. I said "no, I just wanted to get the hair out of your eyes" and she went back down and continued sucking. It was honestly creeping me out at that point so I suggested we put a condom on and finish it (this is about 10 minutes in). Now that I had the hang of her style, I just pointed to the ottoman/couch and asked if she could lean against it. We did 3 minutes of doggy and for once I was not trying to avoid cumming. Once I finished I wiped up and got dressed as quietly and quickly as I could. It wasn't really awkward - I never got the slightest impression that she actually wanted to talk in any fashion - but merely uninteresting. So I grabbed my coat, gave her a hug and thanks, and left. She probably said 30 words during the entire encounter. I don't mean to be unkind, but you could honestly have a more intimate time with a latex sex doll. I know that sounds harsh and I feel bad for saying it because I honestly don't think she's a bad person or is trying to scam anyone. I just think she doesn't know how to be social in this setting. And maybe that's on me, as I didn't over-extend myself trying to make her socialize. But once I got the vibe that she was just there to do a job and not connect personally, it just seemed easier to go with it.

    So basically take this review as you will. On the usual ratings she's reasonably cute. Quite short, sort of a medium build. Cute'ish face. Nothing that will blow you away but not hard on the eyes either. But the quietness and the motionless staring just kills it for me. If that's more your thing then this girl will over-deliver on your wildest dreams. Good luck and stay safe!!!

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