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    Recent experiences

    Im an inexperienced guy that's new to the SP game. I require total discretion so I do a tonne of research before seeing anyone. If youre anything like me and you want a nice, relaxing, safe and discreet experience I highly recommend any or all of these three ladies, I had a fantastic experience with each (great for first-timers who are nervous).

    - Emailed back and forth with Dezaree for 3-4 weeks before visiting - her pics are definitely real. She's super nice and easy-going, funny and relaxed. Very nice, easy-to-find upscale location with lots of parking in central Kelowna. Her location is in a busy area so I was kind of nervous about that but it's discreet enough with everything else going on that I wasn't too concerned about it. I went for the 60min Lingam massage, greeted at the door with sexy lingerie, a big hug and a smile. Shes shorter than I though she would be but she has a killer body and great hair (and im fairly tall) Comfortable bed in a relaxing atmosphere with nice music. Shes very easy to talk to and fun -made me relax right away with good conversation. Good light touch with skillful hands (RMT trained).

    She is definitely non-rushed, took her time and had fun - she really enjoys what she does. She allowed respectful touching which greatly enhanced the experience for me, especially when she began to enjoy herself! - she has a killer body with great T&A. Kept a nice conversation going throughout, lots of fun an laughs. Amazing finish! so much so that I saw her again a day later -Highly recommend that you go see her, Ive repeated once already and will again hopefully soon!

    - Emailed Cass back and forth for about a week before seeing her - easy to book with. Very nice upscale location in a renovated home suited for massage, private area on a dead-end street in central Kelowna. I had a bit of an awkward beginning because when I showed up on time she was still with another client in her other business. It was no problem though as she made me relax and after a few minutes her other client left and I was ushered in. Shes tall, thin and very sexy - pics are definitely her. She took her time to explain her services and everything that she has to offer - apparently shes got some upcoming services which are very appealing including nuru massage. We had a drink and chatted briefly before she left to change into some very sexy lingerie. Nice and easy going - very concerned about my experience and that I was comfortable with everything.

    Nice, comfortable massage table with a mirror for great visuals. I opted for the 65 min elite sensual massage. She's got a very soothing, soft and relaxing touch (trained RMT) - very slow, and relaxing. Nice soft music with slow gentle touch, a quiet and relaxed experience. She stripped down to just her underwear and gave an awesome body slide - great visuals with the mirror! Sexy body with nice smaller breasts and great nipples. She doesnt allow touching which I, of course, complied with. Great finish then a nice shower afterwards - Highly recommended, will repeat!

    -Emailed April back and forth for several weeks before visiting. Shes got an easy-to-find location in Coldstream. Nice house with a comfortable massage table and relaxing atmosphere. She had to cancel our first meeting because of cramps which sucked but she was very apologetic and, of course, I understood and re-booked. Greeted at the door in a nice sexy dress - I actually think she looks better and younger in person than she does in her pictures. Lots of ink and a killer body, tanned and toned.

    We sat and chatted for a while before starting, she explained her services in great detail which helped me to relax. Very easy to talk to and funny - shes the hippie-type with lots of info on the "natural lifestyle". I found her very informative and witty, she's big on healing with the mind-body connection. She gave an amazing massage (RMT) - found all my trouble spots and worked out all my kinks and knots - I needed it as I was in rough shape. She actually gave a better massage than my regular RMT - very healing (hence the natural born healer thing lol).

    I opted for the 60 min massage with voyeur experience. She was totally naked massage during the massage which added to the visual. Smooth, soft skin, tanned and toned. She did a voyeur masturbation show for me that was very erotic. Light touching was allowed which again added to my experience - she used her whole body to stimulate and relax. Great finish and nice continuation of the massage afterwards to continue to relaxation. Another big recommendation from me, I will repeat!

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    Great reviews. I have seen the Natural Born Healer as well and highly recommend her. I'll have to give the other two a try. Thanks for posting.

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    Great reviews JP. I definitely can also vouch for Dezaree, have been seeing her for a long time now, always a great time. I haven't seen the other 2 yet. Was thinking about visiting Cass but now knowing no touching I will have to think about it. I have also heard great things about Natural born healer.. Should take a drive and check her out, she sounds really great!

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    I've now seen Cass 3 times in the past 2 months. Each session gets better and better. She has added Nuru Massage to her services. Absolutely to die for. We slid all over the place. On and off her Nuru bed. Her on top of me than me on top of her. What a blast. Probably the best Nuru massage I've had. And her HJ is amazing. She just has an amazing feel and touch. And yes on her Nuru Bed there was touching all over the place. Than again your mileage might very.

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    Oh sweet, I didn't know she already had the nuru bed. I would definitely like to experience that for myself, thanks for the reply

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    I do believe she got it last week. She had only used it 3 times before I got the ROYAL TREATMENT.

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    Excellent reviews JPWebb881! Thanks!

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