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Thread: Massage reviews?

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    Massage reviews?

    Has anyone recently seen any of these ladies? Ive seen a few of the massage ladies in town and will be posting my reviews soon....I had an amazing time with each, but just wondering if anyone has any recent reviews.....Im a guy that likes to do his research first

    - Contacted her via email but she wasn't very forthcoming on the details, only her prices. Offers massage with either HJ of BBBJ....BBBJ sounds appealing.

    I prefer to contact via email only but she doenst have an address that I can see. Ive heard shes been around a long time and knows her stuff but not sure

    Seems awesome but I haven't seen any reviews other than the ones on her site

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    I found an old email address she used to advertised and sent her a message. Anyone know anything about her? I believe she goes by Niquee and sounds like she's been around for a long time offering a variety of services including prostate massage, lip service etc. Any idea where she's based out of and what her rates are?

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    Niquee is very real, I've seen her many times. I've always skipped the massage for FS. She has been in the business for longer than most the other girls have been alive. So yes very professional and accommodating. She has a private residence in H20 area. For fs it's two bills plus more depending on your interest.

    Pictures are real and accurate so if you like those I would recommend her.

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    Awesome, thanks! I'll give her a shout ��

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    I'm looking for a review of this woman:

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    Ad is gone

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    Quote Originally Posted by JPWebb881 View Post
    Ad is gone
    In case they vanish, the ads are / were:

    1) seductive passionate erotic body massage from a beautiful BBW - 40 (I think she said she was Italian in one of her ads once)

    2) ❤ ❤Ktowns #1 CHUBBY LOVERS DELIGHT ❤ is back 250-299-4178 - 51 (Niquee)

    3) �� Passionate Penticton Play! �� Let Me Pamper You �� Upscale & Private �� REAL Pix - 42 (Serena Smythe -

    You should find a few reviews here if you search for Serena Smythe. She does escorting and body rubs. She has a different phone number for each type of ad. I've seen her, and I think I've put a brief review up here too. She's attractive and has a nice body. The pictures in her ads are real and recent. Her place was very clean and nicely decorated. I think I've visited her two or three times, just for massage. That was when she was in Kelowna; it looks like she has moved to Penticton now.

    I haven't visited the other two.

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    I've thought about visiting her as well but I can't help but think it's a fake, or at least the pics are fake....I think if someone with a rack like that was in town I'd have at least seen her by chance at one time or another...but what do know. I'd like to see a review to if it's legit

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    I saw her couple times--she does a great massage and gives a good HJ and she is topless --they are hers for sure

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    So are you allowed to play with the knockers?
    I don't understand the body rub menu. Is russian considered part of the menu? or is it more like the strip club lap dance except with a handy?
    What was the damage to your wallet?
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    never noticed any Russian--gives great massage and I believe--140

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