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Thread: Shay La Vie 6174 LL

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    Shay La Vie 6174 LL

    Hello everyone,

    Anyone seen her? Her pics look great.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sorry, I did TOFFT recently. Just haven't logged on since then to post review.
    Unfortunately, i found the pics a little misleading even though they're her's...
    Her boobs aren't what it seems, they were big in diameter but not nice and full like the pics (must be the special bra?)
    When the top came off, they were big flat boobs if that makes any sense? Body is on the thick/curvy side. Her massage skills aren't bad and i got an HE for $.30/HH.
    Her attitude was alright too. Face wise, not my type (reminds me a bit of Sarah Jessica Parker?) .
    Massage is on a mattress, not a massage table, i noticed alot of black lint on the plain white sheets. Uses some coconut oil which felt nice, but i walked out of there smelling like popcorn haha.
    Apt is near Jervis x Davie. Not repeating since it was a heck of a drive for me too but jr needed a release that night.
    Also, shares apt with a roommate, who knocked a few times to get in. She had to yell out she's busy to get her to go away...probably a mood killer for some.

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    Thanks Poon Raider

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwguy View Post
    Thanks Poon Raider
    glad to be of help!

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