Good day,

We will be closing down the survey portion of the Street-to-Screen project on the 15th of August. At that time we will begin the vital, but time consuming, process of transcribing and sorting through the 100s of hours of interviews and analyzing the wealth of survey responses about the diverse ways that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) influence how people involved in the sale and purchase of sexual services develop connections, exchange information, and negotiate the details of the sex for money exchange. Our first use of this information will be to prepare a detailed report for the Department of Justice Canada as an addendum to our participation at the round table inquiry on Former Bill C-36 that was held in Vancouver on 24 March 2017. Beyond this, we will be producing policy reports, academic analyses, and media statements that adequately represent the full range of the contributions and experiences of the people who have taken the time and opportunity to speak out through this project.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many service providers/escorts/sex workers and clients who are members of this community who have provided such positive feedback and support for the research over the past year.

Thanks to your contributions this project will represent a large number of voices and experiences of people involved in the sale and purchase of the sexual services. These numbers make a difference, particularly for policy makers, legislators and judiciary that place a high value on evidence for the development of policy and in making determinations about the constitutionality of law.

For those of you who still wish to make your contribution to this important and one of a kind project, it is not too late. The online survey will remain accessible until the 15th of August (