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Thread: massage (lomi lomi)

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    massage (lomi lomi)

    has anyone tried this massage says her name is nina.

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    I have not tried her Lomi Lomi but have had a number of others.
    You may be naked, but most likely there will be no "touchy touchy".

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    I called her a few weeks ago, $80/hr. Wanted to try but our schedule never agreed.

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    Anyone tried her out yet? I called and spoke to her for 15 minutes. She has a slight accent and it sounds maybe EU? She seems like a really nice lady. Very passionate about her practice. She said she studied lomi lomi in Hawaii,for a while.

    Was quoted 80 for 1 hr and 120 for 1.5 hrs. Seems like good value if she's any good. But definitely sounds legit only.

    I may toftt if I can find the time to transit out to nw. But if anyone has info that may save me a half day... please pm if you prefer.


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    Spend 80 and write a review...
    "My Cock is My Compass"

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    Quote Originally Posted by nmjoff View Post
    Spend 80 and write a review...
    No need to be a 'j off'

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    Anyone end up seeing her?

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    Seen her a few times. Completely legit. She covers your butt crack with a small cloth and does the same when you flip. No touching or coming close to junior at all. No accidental brushing even with the long strokes

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