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    Nemesis Sky review

    Hello Gents,

    I TOFTT yesterday. After doing my research I decided she was a safe bet. Wasn't much for reviews out there like some but like I said research is key - as you all know. Glad I did. Texting was prompt and communication easy. Booked a mid afternoon time and found out she just got into town, first time in Winnipeg. Set up time for 1:00pm. Got there ten minutes early - airport hotel area - she said give her 10 minutes.. she then texted back and gave rom #. It was about 5 after when I got into the room - didn't mention she was late., wanted to see what would happen. She was not a clock watcher and gave me the full hour - maybe even 5 minutes more. $280 on hour rate,+ 20 tip I gave in the beginning.
    Pictures are accurate, she told me she is 25 - ad says 21. We clicked right away. Her English is good, not great. If you speak clear and slow you can have a great conversation. Honestly, were women's bodies this tight when we were 25? I'm only mid thirties now but it amazes me. I digress. After I showered, which wasn't required but I found out very much appreciated, it was some small talk and LFK - DFK didn't happen, I didn't try. Into 69 which was, okay, - I only say that because I was lazy this week and didn't shave for a few days... the stubble irritated her. I sensed that and ask her to turn around so I could watch the BBBJ - which was pretty darn good. Then on the cover went - with her mouth - nice skill set to have- into cowgirl for a while, then mish, then that's all it took, my guy was done. She doesn't clean you off and make you feel like a King like some of the more experienced ladies but I would not say that is a negative - just stating a fact. Was going to go round two but little man wasn't up for it. We chatted, She told me she went to school for RMT so I asked for a massage... it was quite nice. Not as good as my RMT but then again she did have a bandaged thumb nail she broke halfway off and I can imagine that hurt like an SOB.

    Her phone went off a few times, she never looked at it once.

    Repeat, yes definitely. Definitely your type if you like cute bubbly French girls with tight bodies. Reminded me of Arianna gold but maybe 5 more lbs.


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    Anyone know whatever happened to Arianna gold?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dmon00 View Post
    Anyone know whatever happened to Arianna gold?
    Try asking in the right thread. Or start one.

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