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Thread: PornStar Nemesis SKY (2 days only) - Top Notch Fantastic Experience

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    PornStar Nemesis SKY (2 days only) - Top Notch Fantastic Experience

    Went to go see this sheela tonight (I think she's here for today and tomorrow) and sweet mary mother of god, what a gift she is. Such a sweetheart.

    If you're curious she's done a porno with Vandal Vyxen or some other porn thing, google it for a preview.

    I'm not typically a fan of blondes but she is suuuuper cute. Shorter stature, curves in all the right places, impeccable hygiene with makeup and hair done to the nines leaving her even more attractive in person. Initially agreed for 30min but as soon as we started going I wanted the full hour. Fun and affectionate to talk to in between msog. Rates were reasonable too, I think it was 180hh/260h.

    What was most impressive about her was her attitude and skills. I find alot of SP's these days are like fucking a bag of potatoes, they just sort of lay there and sort of "take one for the team". With this girl, I've honestly only been able to get sex that good from really good relationships i've been in. Really good invested DFK.

    Would highly recommend and would definitely repeat.

    Treat her well gents, she's a gem.

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    Whoa. She looks good. Too bad I am not going to be able to see her this trip. Hopefully she comes back to Winnipeg again.
    She's definitely real according to her Snapchat.

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