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Thread: MISS LADY VANESSA - First-timer Bliss & Surreal NURU Experience

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    MISS LADY VANESSA - First-timer Bliss & Surreal NURU Experience

    Fellow PERB_erts,

    After lurking here for a few months, and a 30-year break between SPs, I have dipped my….., back into the lifestyle. I decided to add this review for the benefit of any new...and old guys. Over the past 2 months, I have seen 3 SPs, and during that time, I have seen MISS LADY VANESSA 4 times. Here's why I went for those repeat visits;

    First Time Bliss

    Luckily for me, I chose Miss Lady Vanessa to see first. I had read your great reviews and knew she would be hot, but I wasn’t ready for her amazing GFE for this very very nervous first timer. Sent her an email and received a quick playful response. It was easy to coordinate a time to meet. Her waterfront studio is new & nicely appointed, with a semi-private entrance. Showed up at her door, literally shaking.

    She opened the door and immediately sensed my nervousness. She gently pulled me in for a hug and a kiss. As we sat talking on her sofa, she gently brushed up against my arm and legs while I chilled out. Her dress was tight and her curves were amazing, those gorgeous legs shown off in some stylish pumps as she went to get me a refreshment. She has danced burlesque and it shows! This woman is so graceful. But for me, the sexiest part of a woman is the mind. With Lady V, conversation is natural, and her intelligence impressive. Her gorgeous dark eyes look soft as she comes in for the most sensuous DFK. An sp will let you have her, but an old-school courtesan makes you feel like you are with the girlfriend of your dreams, if only for a while. Rare will be the man who does not leave her a piece of his heart with Lady Vanessa. She satisfied all my needs without neglecting her own. The sex was better than I dreamed it could be. Looking into the mirror and seeing those ebony legs wrapped around my hips...fuuuck me!!! Couldn't have asked for anything more or imagined anything better for my first time with an escort adventure. Anyone can provide a service - very few offer a true EXPERIENCE...experience Vanessa!

    Visits #2-3

    After a disappointing experience elsewhere, I decided to go back to the waterfront oasis for more. The next couple of visits, from the second I walked in the door until the moment I left, I forgot I was paying her. It’s like being in the company of a long term friend. In her waterfront studio she knows how to create an atmosphere of loving care. Nice views, private, good refreshments and clean,clean,clean. From caring confidant one minute to sex starved lioness the next she knew how to read my mood and gave me all I could handle. The lady has skills!!! She loves sex and is so responsive.She likes you to play with her breasts and unlike so many others, she likes her nipples played with too. Never been with a woman who gets so wet, so easy.. I find that so sexy. Teenage-like Kung Fu grip... and the best kisser I have ever been with!

    NURU - Amazing!!!

    Saw her earlier this week for a NURU experience. It was fucking mind blowing. She turned on the fireplace and warmed things up. After a very nice shower together, she guided me to the air mattress. The nuru gel was warm and I lay on my stomach and had an amazing massage. I totally relaxed as I felt her pussy lips, trimmed brillo, and full breasts grind up and down me from my neck to my calves. I actually lost myself and forgot where I was. Turned over for the most mind bending sexual massage I have ever had. I won't ever forget the view of her glistening mocha skin as she nibbled on my ear, spun around on my chest, then slid that sweet ass up towards my face as she gave her full attention to my throbbing cock.

    Put this one on your bucket list. You won’t be disappointed!

    [email protected]

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    Thanks for the review Jamesdean. For a minute I thought I was reading about one of my amazing experiences with MLV! She does make us feel special and I too have left a piece of my heart in that upscale ocean suite. The special one of course is the lady herself. Stylish, smart, sporty, sexy and sensuous. A taste of heaven on earth.
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    Great review well written JD. Thought I was there. Many guys agree with you re Vanessa's top notch GFE & Nuru experience.

    Like Lalani, she also offers FEMDOM trips. I have had but a tiny taste of that. Love to find a good review of a full FEMDOM session with MLV if anyone can oblige.

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    That was a well written review Sir jamesdean. I realize that this is a website designed to host reviews of escorts, however I would like to offer my own regarding you gentlemen.

    Sir JD, I felt we hit it off from the very beginning. Just like your stellar review, you inquired about a potential date with such honesty, charisma and respect. Providing me with a brief bio and some ideals of what you were seeking within our initial time together.
    It should be used as a prototype in how to inquire with a Lady for her time. Communication is important in orchestrating a top notch GFEncounter with me.
    I wish to thank you for always arriving on time, immaculately groomed and surprising me with tokens of appreciation and admiration.
    And let's not forget, the fact both you, lonewolf18 and p2v7guy always go that extra mile and send yet another thoughtful email thanking me for the time WE shared. It takes two to build a genuine connection and make long lasting memories. It's not all about what happens between the sheets, but even more so, to touch upon the reasons you're wanting/needing companionship.
    You are welcome to visit me anytime!!

    lonewolf18, I can say the exact same things I have mentioned to jamesdean. With gentlemen like you who occupy my time, it is easy to be the Lady I am, who absolutely loves pleasing and caring for those who share time with me. Whether it's for a longer date or one of my shorter, specialty sessions, I aim to please.
    You're words have ignited me to once again improve myself towards greater encounters and fun filled lifestyle parties!!! Speaking of, it's time for another party to kick off a kick ass Summer! Stay tuned.

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    A summer party, yeah baby! Hopefully I can make it. Looking forward to the deets.

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    You are so welcome Doll!! Y'all know it's a genuine pleasure shared between two...and sometimes more than two people, lol. I love my life and adore the fine, respectful people within it!!

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    Good Day Mates

    I am a Victoria guy, You Nanaimo mates have a sweet heart up here ..
    Miss Vanessa was down in Victoria last weekend and i finally was able to set up a visit with her. ** insert big ass kool-aid smile **
    My schedule has always been in the way to set something up before, and "Murphys Law" messed with the first visit we had tried to arrange..

    Mates, Completely agree with all the praise. Not much i could add that has not been said
    She has a Fantastic vibe, Absolutely Stunning and sexy as all hell .. ** takes a deep breathe ** and those legs ..
    I am really looking forward to her next trip down to Victoria

    Jealous Victoria guy

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    Dawgspped my friend... MLV is yes, a definitely worth the visit....I have a review elsewhere on here of an encounter with her and 2 other of Nanaimo s finest. But to take in her incall is well worth the time and gas money to travel to from almost anywhere on the island..

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    Thank you Dawgspeed. It did take some time for us to connect, but it won't be as long for the next time.
    I will be in Victoria March 16th until the 19th.

    *winks* @ islander1-1

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