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Thread: Mia 6155

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    Mia 6155

    Does anyone know what happened to Mia was working out of Lynn place in Guildford
    Is she still wor9maybe under a new name 8

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    damn i never got to see her wonder what happened to her

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    I saw her a few times. Great attitude and a great pair of tits. Loved and very passionate kisser

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    nah, mia was a brown chick big titties

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    I second sam the man. I just discovered she is gone. I was lucky to see her on consecutive days after seeing her once I went right back the next day and yes she was a lot of fun. Very sexy with big tits and seemed to enjoy what she was doing. I called Lynn a last week hoping to see Mia again only to find out she is now gone. Fingers crossed she resurfaces soon.

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    come fly with Johnnie....
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    yea I miss this girl. I saw her only a few times but she quickly became my ATF, by far. hope to catch up with her again one day.

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    damn i never got a chance everytime i called she was busy hope she cums back

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    come fly with Johnnie....
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    yea... she was awesome. I miss this girl. Anybody been in touch??

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    i texted that number 6155 asking where mia is, i never got a reply

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    damn i regret not seeing her

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    6155 is a land line .... call

    But I think she has moved on

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    damn i regret it she seems like she was a real gem

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