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Thread: Riley - better than ever!

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    Riley - better than ever!

    I have been a long time Riley fan and have a number of posts on this forum to support that. Not long ago I decided to venture forth again and try spending some time with someone new. I was wise and avoided the BackPage ads and instead found a listing on a reputable site. I had a wonderful time and it was indeed different from what I had previously experienced.
    After some time had passed, I planned a return visit with Riley.
    Just having come back from that date I am compelled to hit the keyboard and share with you all what an unbelievable time I had. I am not in any way putting down my experience with the other SP, but there is something about Riley that elevates her above the rest. She is a bit older than the other SP but age is more than both theirs combined!!!
    I feel that perhaps from this extra experience, Riley has obtained a deeper and more intimate understanding of the business and what her clients really like.
    I feel like a teenager with a shit-eating grin on his face that goes from ear to ear! Even my knees feel weak!
    Gentlemen...I simply cannot find enough superlatives to describe how Riley made me feel. And feel like I NEVER have before!!!
    She instantly put me at ease and asked how my day was. It was not a particularly great day for me, but she listened attentively with what seemed like genuine interest. And OMG...THAT SMILE!!!!! Whatever crap had happened earlier was wiped away when she smiled.
    Out of respect and some sense of chivalry, I will not share the intimate details of our experience. Suffice it to say that I believe that she genuinely enjoyed it and she sure as hell made me enjoy it!!! She chose a position that appealed to ALL my senses! I am a particularly visual person and I think she remembered that. Visual, auditory, taste and scent were all stimulated and very satisfied.
    Let me reiterate that I am not a young man, but for a glorious period in time, I was ageless and completely engrossed by the beautiful Riley.
    Since I first started seeing her, the changes that she has achieved in her body and physical health are phenomenal. She is a gorgeous lady that deserves to be seen and fully appreciated.
    Like a very fine wine, Riley just gets better and better!
    Now I can't wait to indulge yet again.

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    Yes I concur Riley is a great lady and I hope to see her again soon

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    Many words have been used to describe one's time with Riley. You have to live it to believe. In my opinion she is a brilliant courtesan who will be everything YOU (emphasis on you) want her to be.
    One can ask for nothing more.

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    Does she offer B B B J?

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    Doing something you want to do versus something you are forced to.

    That makes all the difference.
    Two hands helping do more good than a thousand hands clasped in prayer

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    Re WinnipegJ - Does she offer B B B J?
    As has been well stated by others on this thread, she is an elite courtesan who is making this profession her career.
    Pay a visit to her website where all the information you need can be found. Perhaps her ad answers this question the best....."The details of our encounter are up to your imagination since I don't discuss specifics. Please don't insult either of us by asking if I offer any specific services."

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    Very well stated, PegCity.
    I have seen Riley many times, and have always had an amazing time!
    She is gorgeous, sweet, sensual and a pleasure to be with.

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    Her website doesn't specify that's why I was wondering if someone who's seen her can help with the question.

    Even by PM is fine

    I wouldn't see anyone if they offered only covered B J

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    I meet Riley every time I get to Winnipeg. I concur with Zac9!!!! She is a classy lady, always a fun time. Winnipeg is lucky to have her in the city!!!! Her website pics are very nice, but they do not do her justice

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