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    As a big booty lover, this girl looks too good to be true. Has anyone seen her?

    I am a little hesitant because she has an incall by the airport and is on the younger side (in general but not really for me though)

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    I'd be interested in hearing about her as well. There's plenty of cross Canada ads but little in the way of reviews.

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    You just needed to scroll down a little more to find the thread I started on the exact same subject.***-4983

    Anyhoo, I did a bit more digging on the Eastern boards. The Coles notes is:

    -. She's been touring for 5+ years now
    -. Service started off great, but has declined over the years
    -. Heavy 420 odours when visiting (don't know if you'd get away with this in a hotel setting)
    -. Other subjective opinions:. Boobs are great, can be rude.

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