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    Cherry 5233

    Hey does anyone have any info on this one? she a name change or actual new girl to the group? This group is notorious for just changing the name.


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    Right here bluejay, one page further in this section.


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    Ahh thanks QM, yeah nothing came up when i did a number search, my bad.

    Thanks for the info.

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    i would back everything Bobert said in his post, maybe even better:

    i had a 3pm appointment and i brought a bottle of soju with me; too bad she's allergic to alcohol. she hid behind the door in some Tiffany blue lingerie and it matched her porcelain skin so well i wanted to grab her at the door. but behave i thought. so we went into her room. i drank a bit myself and we chatted for a few minutes. we had to walk out of her room, cross the living room/hallway (which was weird) for a shower.

    shower was typical except she got my junior hard which is not normal for me. i told her i am slow then she started LFK/DFK me while stroking my shaft nicely, long and slowly. after we were done making out, she pulled away and looked at me naughtily, "good shower" she said with a smile. very cute. dry off and back to the room we go.

    as soon as her room door shut i pushed her against the wall and started kissing her senselessly everywhere. she wouldn't let me kiss her ear and rub her nipples but i got to all of them eventually. her bolt ons were done nice and big with some softness to it. i played with them for some good time while suck/licking her nipples back and forth. she started wiggling and panting as her nipples got super hard (i thought they were going to pop off, that's how hard they got). no wonder she told me not to touch them.

    after i was done with her, she pushed me onto her bed and started working on me, DDDFK and played with my chest the way i treated her. i have to say, she did a good job. she found her way between my legs, did not go to my shaft right a way and started BLS. moved on to my junior tip and did many many circles around it with her lips and tongue. i was already in heaven and she dropped her head to take me in more. i thought that was it, but NO! she started deep throating me and she was really really good at it. she knew how to control her throat to maximize my pleasure. i swear i could have finished right there as she blowed a good 5min at least. my junior alone got the royal service.

    payback time, i DATY her until she started holding my hands, shaking and arching her back. i thought we would move on to drilling, but this naughty girl wanted more. she lead my hand to her entrance and asked me to finger her, literally. so i did, one finger then two finger and she got really really wet, her bed sheet was covered in her juice. i laid down beside her, kissing and fingering her at the same time. her hand finally found my junior and stroke me hard until she climax. ah... life is beautiful. fake or not, it's always nice to hear an SP say "you are so good"

    finally she wants to ride so she put the hat on. cowgirl kept bouncing and bouncing, then tried grinding her clit back and forth on my bone. she finally put her hands beside my ears, bending over so i can suck on her nipples while thrusting her from underneath. man, what a ride. i couldn't try any more position, i knew we were cutting it close on time so i flipped her over for missionary. after a couple minutes of pounding her legs could not raise any higher, i put them under my arms so i can deep penetrate her to the finish line. i was done and we hugged for a good min or so before we looked at the time. fuck, 60min has already gone by. good thing she did not have another customer immediately after so we showered and make out some more. dry off and make out some more. put our cloth on and make out some more. we couldn't keep our hands off each other until i leave the doorway. i hope she did not get in trouble for keeping me there longer than 60min.

    conclusion, definitely a YMMV girl. she is a "make love to me" rather than hard pounding sex type of girl. having said that, she did not stop smiling the moment I walked in the door until i left and i know i am her type of guy based on experience. so if you don't get the same service don't blame on this post.

    L: 8, not a hot/sexy let's have sex right a way face but very clean and beautiful skin, super cute
    B: 7, no ass, but good height, body proportion and long legs
    S: 10, well, i got everything I wanted and definitely a GFE so...
    A: 10, like i said, she never stopped smiling, and we chatted a lot (in english) despite other ppl's post

    Repeat: yes, and i will be her regular during her 5-month stay. it's a great feeling when you can connect with an SP

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