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    Carli @ SVIP

    I'd like to write my quick experience for Carli @ SweetVIPs while my memory is still fresh and still thinking about her.
    Keep in mind it was a 'massage rate' session which is the lighter stuff with some restrictions. I'm a low sex drive guy and new to this so yeah.

    I asked SVIP for a recommendation for my preferences - young, thin, slim, spinner type. Reyna and Emma we're recommended but could not work with my times on quick notice and I was suggested Carli. With already had seen Reyna (really my type and great girl) and lack of info for Carli, I was already second doubting 'what if...' type negative thoughts.

    I get to the Condo @ Downtown, given the instructions and suite#.
    One of my favorite moments is the anticipation + nervousness + excitement just before I'm about to see the girl.
    I enter the suite there is a very thin lean model type girl with gorgous black hair and beautiful eyes. I was walking in DT prior for a bit checking out girls but none of these civilians come close to what I'm seeing in front of me - that thought itself was something awesome.

    Upon getting close she really is stunning.
    Nice tanned smooth skin that comes from youth and a healthy diet. She has a very slim figure with low body fat and cute little abs showing from daily excersize and yoga.
    She has a very nice smile, is friendly and easy to talk, attentive and tries to please you, and keeps good eye to eye contact - I absolutely love getting my face close to hers an staring into those big blue eyes. Chatting with her was enjoyable - I can tell she's a very happy confident person that takes care of herself

    The 'massage' session was mostly me just enjoying her body (within limits) her skin was so smooth I couldn't keep my hands off her and a lot of skin to skin cuddling, touching each other etc. The highlights of her trying to sexually please me (within limits) and boy that was hot. Not much to add here since it wasn't FS.

    -the *only* thing that was slightly disappointing was 'no touching under the waist' - which I thought it meant was the pussy area but when when I went for her thighs I was politely told can't do that for massage rate. hm
    The other two girls I saw prior with massage rate had no problem with thigh / butt area touching but not with Carli. It was very hard to consciously keep my hands off her beautiful legs and perfect butt ugh wanted to put my hand on it so bad.

    All in all I don't think anyone can be disappointed with her, I really enjoyed her and Ms. Harvi's recommendation was great.
    Sorry it came out more like a diary than an review.

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    Thanks for the review!

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