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Thread: SCARLETTE ROSE - Vancouver's Best Kept Secret - Quintessential Courtesan

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    SCARLETTE ROSE - Vancouver's Best Kept Secret - Quintessential Courtesan

    Can you keep a secret?

    I carefully curate my small circle of regulars with the same unprecedented scrutiny I use in all facets of my life. I believe in living a balanced life composed of healthy choices, culture, real world career ambitions, friends, family, and adventure with appreciation for pleasure & beauty as the rose-tinted glasses I see life through.

    I am incredibly easy to get along with and have an unprecedented reputation for sincerity. Reading a person's true nature comes with ease and I only see those who respect the same values.

    I seek those who recognize uniqueness and are looking for something different.

    If you’re a big boobs guy you won’t like me. If you're looking to truly connect with someone, laugh until your face hurts and feel completely comfortable in someone's presence (amongst other things *cheeky grin*), well... you may be onto something.


    "In the case of Scarlette Rose, I probably had the most earth shattering experience of my hobbyist career to this point. If her visual look lit the spark for me, her passion, sexual maturity and intellect made that fire burn hotter and ultimately reach a fever pitch…"

    "She was incredibly down to earth and kind. It was our first session but I haven't had a connection like that in years…"

    "She is a skilled raconteur, and I frequently find myself delightfully lost in conversation with her. And there is substance behind the exquisite style. Scarlette’s most crucial trait to her appeal: her sincerity. She truly makes the effort to form genuine connections; and goes the extra mile to understand people..."

    "Arriving at her incall I was greeted by an absolutely stunning young women, what I would describe as model gorgeous. I had spent an evening with a young woman who is a perfect 10 in every way. What else could anyone ask for? Happy birthday to me..."

    I invite you to explore my website, blog and twitter if I've piqued your curiosities thus far. I've worked very hard to make it just as enticing as is informative. Links below.

    With Anticipation,


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    Tantric in style and oozing sensuality, I am blessed with a unique extraordinary beauty. Watch my full, scarlet lips as they part to reveal a bright, contagious smile while you get lost staring into my deep blue eyes. My curves accentuate my silhouette in all the right places and my silky golden skin begs to be caressed.

    While I possess the coquettish charms & sinfully delightful body of a young women, please do not mistake this for ineptitude… you will find me to be an alliteration of articulate, witty, well-mannered and wise much beyond my years. I am well-read, well-traveled, down to earth and educated, just like you.


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