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Thread: Recommendation for a newbie

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    Recommendation for a newbie

    Hello, perb, been a lurker for a little while and never had the nerve to bite the bullet and see someone for a few reasons. I am just inquiring on who would be a good girl to to see for a first-timer. I am not too picky about race or age (just not too too old, you know), and pricepoint doesn't matter too much either. The only problem is I am 25 years of age, so it cannot be someone who has an inherent age requirement.

    I've seen that this is a pretty understanding community where people mostly have each other's backs, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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    Check out the perb advertiser section. Or West Coast Angels.

    Only one I can think of not to see is Lady Via, she doesn't like to see virgins.

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    my first time sp is my regular now...amazing experience I cant get enough of

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    Selena Latina is very friendly, very sexy, and very good.

    Bonnie Castle is also a good choice if you see her ad is up.

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    Ciara at Great Pharaoh. Early twenties Spinner. Short, skinny, fit and beautiful. All safe services. Super friendly Lady with excellent service. She is a black lady from the Caribbean I think. only negative for some might be her deflated small breasts (similar to Lilly at new star). Possibly the sexiest provider I have ever seen in a line up.
    604 436 3131 #5-3420 Kingsway Vancouver. $170. 45 minutes.
    For a newbie I would suggest a massage place with a storefront. You will feel more comfortable than trying to find a condo or apartment.

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