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Thread: Info on Berlin Bliss or Harley (3538)

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    Info on Berlin Bliss or Harley (3538)

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    My experience with Harley was much the same as the review posted by maniacalone. I found her attitude and service above average. She was very accommodating and was in no hurry to end the session. A nice girl who was an active listener and interesting to talk to as well as knowing her way around the bedroom. My one beef would be that she could have spent a little more time to make herself more presentable. Her hair did not look clean and her smile was not clean. Maybe it was a long day..... I will not repeat, not because I was unhappy with the session, but there are others out there....... However I did spend and hour with Layla. I will comment on her at a later time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maniacalone View Post
    sorry for the late reply... but thanks for the review

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    Berlin Bliss LL 3538 was a comparable session. Decent bbbj. Easy going and friendly but at best a GND look. I am finding the quality of the group to be on decline.

    For their rates I wish I had just went to the bar and applied some effort instead. Easily could have found something comparable and saved a few bills doing so.

    L 5
    A 8
    S 8

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