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Thread: Another Time Waster

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    Another Time Waster

    Hi there, Inbox me for the number. There are quite a few waste of timers lately. This time i had booked an appointment this morning and he booked for 9pm. Ok at 7ish I confirmed because I had a regular wantbto book at 8:30. Well i told my reg I was booked because I was and thought I would give this new person a chance. Big mistake. He asked if he could come at 8:30 instead of 9 which I agreed to. So 15 minutes before his appt he tells me he is going to have a quick dinner with his sister and brother and he will come at 9:30. Thats a big no for me and he will not get another chance with me. Im out a great appt with a reg because of this idiot. Number: 604-880-952*. Inbox me for the full number. I really dont want anyone else wasting their time on this one. Oh he is 32.
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    I wouldn't suggest you don't that again, always stick with your usual date!! Fuck the others. Your regular date is a regular date because he always shows up and we should always be grateful for that. Oh well lesson learnt, just move on from there and now you know. I am assuming you live in Calgary?

    Stay strong, its gets better
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