hola.. so whos is leo list/ CL inkiest asian milf out there in 2017. I am so sad i never got to see nina on vic. Can anyone send me in the right direction keeping in mind im in my twenties and some aunties have had bad experience with younger guys. I have tried the one in joyce by carelton park and 1729. (they always change ads and names. wot wom.) I have had 0 luck with aunties they all seem so eager to make me cum and minimize my experience. It sucks because aunties are known for their low restritictions and ability to have animal sex for the duration of your stay. I am polite and dont haggle. I will never forget my third poon sitting in an amp and 2 younger indo canadian men go into a room with one auntie aged 40-50 likely 45. I was sshocked and could stil hear them discuss and barter a mmf for 180$ an hour and an extra 20$ for msog(which at least one of them took at the 7 min mark) . This was a large brothel and i had to wait a good 15 minutes to see my lady and the walls are too thin.(Hint on location) Anyway I almost wanteed to wait for them to be done to go with her after hearing them. My girl was younger and sexier but boring. I never found her and wenrt back 3 times. Please dont recommend mei ling, she is too old. Riza I heard has fallen off service wise. It has come down to juicy jessy 1523 or juiicvy juidy.. I want to see bobo and gia in surrey but too far. HELP PLEASE. And btw i have heard many stories of sp's asian and non asian providing mmf or even mmmf service as independents and in micros. Are these to repeat clients only, either wAY seems odd?