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Thread: The sultry pairings of Pandora and Knickers

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    The sultry pairings of Pandora and Knickers

    I've decided to take some time away from my pooning hobby, and do some travelling. So last week I saw a new provider, a favorite provider, and these two!

    Let me skip ahead to the moment pandora opened the door. Where the surreal takes over and my senses immediately become heightened. She is candy for the eyes, and her warm hug just enough to cure my nerves. She is wearing a black one piece lace get up with heels. Giving me a full view of her assets as she led me down the hall to knickers. Where again I was greeted with a warm hug. The room is huge, clean and looks like a spa. Candles and music for the mood, although at this point a paper bag couldn't ruin the mood. They offer me a shower, and both begin to undress me. One behind caressing my hair, brushing her lips against my neck an breathing softly. I stood there naked and at full attention as they touched my entire body. Teasing me. Slowly, the hands from behind started running across my stomache down the entire length of my cock. A the other sat in the table drawing me in, kissing my nipples and tickling my balls. The combination of kissing my neck, my nipples, and the most erotic hj, round one was quick!! Headed for a shower, then instructed to lay face down. The two teased and touched my body before the hot rocks. It was ine of the best massages I've had. A cross between deep tissue and spa. These two really know how to work a body.

    Ah the flip! Again teasing me, massaging me and driving me crazy. Pandora straddled my thighs removing her top half. While knickers joined her from behind. These two talk dirty! It's like a discussion about what they are going to do to you as they rub hot oil into each other's boobs. The ending was unlike any other. Holy fuck, i don't have words. Between the visual, the huge mirror, and the soft skin, it was completely surreal.

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    Wow! I better get on the phone for my first appointment with these two.
    I have seen the naughty one before but oh my god this sounds over the top.
    Well written, well done.

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    Thank you Stewie, we are certainly enjoying our naked time together! It's like two girls for the price of one! Great way to introduce Pandora to the gents of Nanaimo.
    The good I do is good, but the bad I do is legendary!

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